Overview for tournament : trial_2022_09

This is the 2022 Trial 3 PowerTAC tournament.

The tournament will start on Monday September 12th 2022.
Start time is 09:00 UTC (11:00 Rotterdam)

To participate, you need an account : get it here.
Once registered, go to the account page.
On your account page add the broker you want to register for the tournament.
After adding the broker, come back to this page to register your broker for the tournament
During the tournament you will need to have 2 (identical) broker instances running.

For quick communications during the tournament : IRC libera chat #powertac.
Webclient : https://web.libera.chat/#powertac

Good luck!

Settings for broker.properties
tourneyUrl  : https://ts.powertac.org:8080/TournamentScheduler/faces/brokerLogin.jsp
tourneyName : trial_2022_09